The University Organizes a meeting to Exchange Eid Al-adha Greetings

On Sunday 10 September 2017, the University organized the celebration meeting for Eid Al-Adha, where Professor Kamal Mohamed Obaid, vice chancellor addressed the meeting, attended by Deputy Directors for Scientific affairs, Administrative Affairs and Assistant Directors for Resources, Investment and Administrative Coordination. Prof Kamal Obaid pointed out that it is an occasion to reflect the meaning of sacrifice and redemption and observing the command of Allah Almighty, he then praised the charitable organizations who have been providing support to the University and its students and form a link with the University, he also praised the staff of the Department of Resources, Students Affairs and supervisors who kept an eye on students during Eid Al-adha, with charitable organizations as well as the great work done by the Department of Public Relations and Information to receive the new University students at Khartoum Airport in coordination with the Deanship of Student Affairs, as addressed by his Excellency in his speech he pointed to the great development witnessed at the University in various  fields, shading lights on the project of e-learning and electronic examinations, he  also referred to the project of poultry and dairy farms at the university farm, which has a capacity of 200 thousand birds scheduled to produce about 150 thousand eggs a day, at the end of his speech he called to raise the spirit of tolerance among university staff.



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