The Start of the First Phase of the Modern Construction Barns at the University Farm

In a tour conducted by the website staff of the University to inspect the renaissance and development of the university farm at Elafoon, the first stage of the construction of modern poultry pens in the farm, supervised by Namaa Company for building and construction, was launched as part of the qualitative development to keep pace with latest agricultural developments.

In a blessing from Allah, the university farm fills the students' need of food, meat, eggs and milk. It is worth mentioning that the Vermicelli and noodles factories works in a sustainable manner and after the self-sufficiency of the university, and in a short time the goods will invade the local markets. In a statement to the university website, Mr. Al-Bahari Al-Tayeb, director of the farm, explained that they are constructing 3 modern chicken sheds and keeping pace with the development, noting that the capacity of the barn is 43 thousand chicken, It is expected that the company overseeing the construction of the barns will shortly handover the project to the university in the upcoming November 2018, God willing.



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