The Rector Receives Delegation of Participants in the Second Conference of the Ansar al- Sunnah Al-Muhammadiyah

Professor Kamal Mohamed Obeid Rector received yesterday ( Saturday 23/04/2016) afternoon at Africa conference Hall delegation of participants in the second Conference of the Ansar al- Sunnah who came this year titled ( Islamic Da’wah in Africa ) under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul Karim and Dr. Mohammed Amin Ismail, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies and the number of preachers from Africa and Asia.

Professor Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the Rector welcomed the delegation at the International University of Africa presenting the history of the university since it was passing through the evolution until it became the University in 1991, pointing out that it originated to meet the needs of Muslim children in Africa , listing the programs that students receive at the university during the period of their studies, touching the faculties of the university the disciplines studied by students, referring to the graduates of the university deployed in all parts of the world and thanked the Ansar al-Sunna and suggested that the conference to be annual in order contribute to the fight against religious phenomena that began to spread in Africa.



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