African Research and Studies Center organizes a Seminar on the Strategic Keys to the Water Security of Egyptian-Sudanese

African Research and Studies Center organized last Thursday afternoon at Center’s Hall a seminar entitled ( Key Strategy for Water Security of Egyptian-Sudanese ) presented by a group of Sudanese and Egyptian experts , where he spoke at the symposium, Professor Hassan Makki Mohamed Ahmed, former Rector and expert on the subject of African affair and who referred in his speech to the need for joint investment for the Nile waters between Egypt and Sudan and he pushed for an idea of rising of the Nile Basin University in the region.


Professor Syed Fulayfel, Egyptian expert and a member of the Egyptian Parliament discussed the risks that could be caused by the rising of Renaissance Dam, pointing out that the dam would make a reservation of large amounts of water, in addition, the increase of water in the flood season at the Blue Nile in Khartoum will reach to 19 cubic meters which can create a danger to the city entirely in addition to the demolition the dams would be faced with, including the high dam, and added that the dam is a disaster for the Egyptian economy, where it would disrupt planting two million acres that have been planted in Egypt, that 20 million Egyptian citizen will benefit from it.


On his part, the Ambassador Khidr Haron, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in the University pointed to the lack of coordination of Egyptian Sudanese regarding their relation to Africa, warning to the need to review the two countries' relations.


As Dr. Omar Bassin, director of the Institute of Disaster and Refugee Studies pointed that the issue of the Renaissance Dam cannot be looked into in isolation from the Sudanese - Egyptian relations, adding that the Egyptian media discourse is making it difficult for Sudan to take a clear attitude toward the issue of the Renaissance Dam.


This seminar was moderated by Dr. u Yusuf Abu Khamis, dean of African Research and Studies Center .



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