Dr. / India Mamoun Buheiry Participates in the Conferences of the World Summit on AIDS in New York ; and the First Conference of the Arab Federation for Specialist Women

Dr. / Hind Mamoun Beheiry, head of the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine International University of Africa, and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Center for Women's Studies, in April 6, 2016 participated in the preparatory meeting for the World Summit on AIDS planned to be established in June 2016. This meeting is a high -level meeting to deliver and raise opinions and words of civil society organizations, Dr. Hind Buheiry delivered a statement explaining the position of Women's Studies Center and six organizations of civil society in Sudan before the preparatory meeting, which was held at the building of United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, April 6 2016, the organizations are:

1. Women's Studies Center                                                         

2. National Network of AIDS

3. Sudan Council of Voluntary Agencies

4. Foundation of Voluntary for World Health

5. Child Development Foundation

6. The Sudanese Society for the support of people living with AIDS

7. Global Women's League


The statement contained an introduction explaining the decisions previously issued by the United Nations and the role that the Sudan could play by virtue of its geographical location and interfere with a large number of African and Arab neighbors in the eradication of AIDS control, although the number of people living in Sudan does not exceed the key categories and by less than 1%. Civil society organizations in Sudan play the major role in the fight against AIDS in terms of education and health awareness in the community and the control and prevention of injury and the treatment and the provision of medication for AIDS patients and support the psychological and material for people living with AIDS and scientific research to get rid of the disease. It remains that the role required from the governments of the Member States and the United Nations in the eradication of AIDS is a major role, and must be a one stand and solid in it


Dr. / India Mamoun Buheiry also participated in the first conference of the Arab Federation for Specialist Women at the open square of Arab League in Egypt , which was held in Cairo from 24 to March 27, 2016 m , within the Sudanese official delegation representing the Arab Union for the specialist women in Sudan, at this conference Dr.Hind Mamoun Buheiry was elected as practical MP for the health sector in the General Union for the special women based in Cairo, it follows the Council of Arab Aconomic Unit of the Arab League , and as she was elected  president of the health sector in the Arab Union specialist women in Sudan branch.

Dr. /Hind Mamoun Buheiry prepared a special plan for specialist women's health in Sudan and provided as well the regional strategy plan for the health on the Union level



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