President of the Republic of Sudan honors the Sudanese representative in Geneva (Chairman IUA Board of Trustees) award of Order of the Niles of the First batch.

The President of the Republic Sudan, Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, granted the Ministry of Justice Najmat Al-Injaz and to sudanese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva (Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University). Mustafa Osman Ismail and the Order of the Niles of the first batch in recognition of the efforts made by the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The President of the Republic, assured during the meeting with in office at the Republican Palace today, Sudanese Permanent Representative in Geneva and Minister of Justice Mohamed Ahmed Salem, expressed that the Sudan's keenness to develop human rights in the country as an ethic of the people of Sudan and its religious as much as their cultural affiliations.

He briefed him on the outcome of the 39th session of the Human Rights Council held in Geneva last September, praising the efforts made in this regard.

He pointed out that Geneva is considered the most important multi-diplomatic hubs for the collection of human rights files, international trade, global health and the gum Arabic file.

He lastly pointed out that Sudan will host the GAC conference next February in cooperation with ONTACAD as well as the African Union together with the participation of United Nations organizations with the aim of developing and marketing of gum Arabic, considering that Sudan produces 70% of the commodity worldwide.



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