The internationality that fits the reputation of International University of Africa.

In a glowing event at the conference of the African Society for Combating Infections, the President of the African Medical Students Association, Badr Ibrahim Zaker, presented a speech on the International University of African about the contents of the message and nationalities as well as the development of the university, especially in terms of e-learning and a model used by the perspective of the productive university and also brief about the Faculty of Medicine and other Medical related faculties in general. He then continued to explain about the AMSA Association founded by the late Prof. Mabay`u Mustafa and then the leadership of Dr. Omar Adel under the patronage of the University's vice chancellor Prof Kamal Kamal Obeid ..

He then completed the activities of the association over the years, from international conferences, health towers, simulation programs for the international councils and other activities in developing students' skills, especially in pointing about the society's activities towards combating past and future activities and aspirations of the future. Interviews were held with various parties to learn more about the association and future ideas to support its outstanding projects. After that, the President of the African Society for Combating Infections - Dr. Emanuel - Britain - confirmed the membership of AMSA in the Executive Office of the African Medical Students Association representing the students of the entire continent. He then wishes AMSA with all the best for its wonderful progress and also the Dr. Omar Al Adil and the university as whole.




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