The university receives a delegation from Al-Jazeera Institute for Media Training.

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, the IUA entourage received a high level delegation from the Al-Jazeera Institute for Media Training in Qatar. The visit was part of the training program organized by the Institute in cooperation with the Sudanese Academy of Communication Sciences. The delegation included various trainees in different fields of media arts, accompanied by Dr. Salwa Hassan Sadiq, the rector of the Sudan Academy of Sciences and Communication. 

At the beginning of the visit, the dean of the Faculty of Information Dr. Khidir Haroun, welcomed the delegation of the Al-Jazeera Institute to the value of their clean-cut Partnership between the Institute and the University Faculty of Information.

Nevertheless, a great discussion about the Sudanese and its impact on the regional and international environment as well as the reasons that led to this role being overlooked the Sudanese intellectuals.

The delegation concluded its visit with the university by having a great lunch , and later the delegation visited the faculty of information and its different departments together with the radio and TV Station of the university.



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