The IUA vice chancellor meets the vice chancellor of the University of Burundi.

 The VC of the IUA Prof. Kamal Obeid met on Monday 9/7/2018 with his counterpart the VC of the University of Burundi, Prof. Francis Happier Manna, at his office in the university. Prof. Manna welcomed the VC of IUA expressing his happiness with the visit.

Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obeid, the IUA vice chancellor reveals that the University takes the status of international organizations which is regarded to be the root of agreement between African countries and the Government of Sudan.

The IUA student enjoys all the privileges and immunities. He added that the university was founded in 1966, where the African countries were gathered to free themselves against the colonialization and needed to provide educational service, expressing that the university aims to teach the children of Africa who are the largest number of student in the university.

IUA allocated the University students rate at 50% of its admission for African students, while allocated only 25% to the Sudanese and the rest of the world's countries.

The VC also explained that the university official language is Arabic for so many faculties even though there are certain faculties that delivered their lectures in English language and others, revealing IUA progress improvement in terms of technological advancement, training of the students more especially the graduates, the university played a vital role of human and society development which equates with the development world.

On his react, the VC of the University of Burundi welcomed the IUA vice chancellor for his honorable visit and thanked him for the clarifications the university in details. 

Lastly, he expressed his full commitment to the agreement and also to the signing of memorandum of understanding, where a copy of the memorandum of understanding was handed over immediately and promised to communicate with the university as soon as possible.



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