The Department of Cultural Activity at the Islamic Center plans to implement a series of summer excursion programs.

The Department of Cultural Activity in the Islamic Center of Africa arranged to conduct a series of cultural, social and educational programs for the university students (women) during the summer vacation period.

The Islamic center also plans to embark on a study of the holy Qur`an`s perfection, (MAHIRUL QUR`AN) which is in the form group, each group is headed by the women observers (memorizers) as well as courses in personal strategic planning, monthly meetings and offering a courses in Tajweed and Islamic jurisprudence for women students.

The Department of Cultural Activity also plans to organize a number of trips to the National Museum.

On her brief to the IUA website team, the head of the Department of Cultural Activity (women section), Mrs. Aisha Al- Ameen reveals that there will be a series of joint programs with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, the Daurah (seminar) of King Saud, seminar on Islamic Science and Sharia courses in addition to the regular activities organized in the women hostel in terms of sports activities and the celebration of the students for their various countries` independent day.



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