The VC meets with IUA graduates (old Boys/Students) in the republic of Burundi.

Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the university's Vice Chancellor, met on Monday 9th of July 2018, the numerous graduates of university in the republic of Burundi as part of his visit to participation in the seminar on Islamic tolerance and the role of Muslims in maintaining peace and security in the Great Lakes region organized by the Islamic Society of Burundi and Mufti of Burundi.

When addressing the graduates, the VC expressed his gladness by meeting the graduates and conveyed his thanks for their hosting the seminar in Burundi, which mean a lot to the Muslim Ummah.

The VC thanked the Ambassador Tambuka particularly, the Burundian ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi, and the Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Omar Dazmubiri, both are the graduates of the university (IUA),

The VC also pointing out that the efforts of graduates in their workplaces and what they offer to their communities is a source of pride to the university and illustrated the positive impact of the performance of IUA graduates that notice through his visits to many African countries and inform the graduates the development, progress, the expansion and the newly faculty of agricultural resources and reliance on self-resources as well as the program of graduate training, which was introduced by the university within its programs in order to train its graduates and the University's readiness to accommodate graduates in the training graduate program.



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