Islamic Center of Africa meets with the supervisors and the observers of summer Da`awa excursion.

The Islamic Center  of Africa held a general meeting on Sunday July 8, 2018 with the supervisors and observers of the year 2018 summer Da`awa excursion at the African Conference Hall of the university.

Those are present in the meeting Prof. Hatem Othman, who represent the Vice chancellor of the university, Dr. Adam Taha Hussein, the head of the Islamic Center of Africa, Mr. Hadi Zakaria, the head of the Department of Community Development and alongside with deans of various faculties  where the meeting discussed the ongoing arrangements for the setting for excursion necessities which is expects to take place on 16th of July in terms of accommodation,  Da`wa  and programs, which is assigned to be 12 excursion groups travelling to assorted of cities and rural area in Sudan.




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