The IUA receives a delegation from the Council of Russian Federation.

On Sunday, July 8, 2018, the University received a delegation from the Council of Russian Federation headed by Senator Ahmed Bankof, a businessman and also a member of the Council of Russian Federation, whose accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karouri, a former Minister of Minerals resources, deputy Vice chancellor academic affairs, whose represented by Dr. Ja`afar Badi, Assistant director of Investment, Mr. Tajudden Niyam, the head of External Relations Office, dean of various faculties of oil and Minerals resources, Arabic Language and Science.

At the beginning of the meeting, the VC`s representative at the talks about the university and its various faculties and programs. Dr. Ja`afar Badi, Assistant Director of Investment, also briefed on the University's investment projects and the investment prospects available at the University.

On his part, the head of the council of Russian delegation expressed his happiness to visit the university, pointing out that the universities are the source of progress and the future of youth, revealing that their visit to the university is for the purpose of identification and discuss prospects cooperation with the university.




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