The IUA Faculty of Nursing organizes a workshop on blood pressure measurement.


The Faculty of Nursing organized on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 in Najashi Hall of the University, a workshop for measuring blood pressure which gratified by women lecturers and the women students of IUA Faculty of nursing together with their counterpart from Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University and Omdurman Islamic University.

The workshop was introduced and presented by Dr. Fatima Al-Taher from the Association for Special Needs alongside with Dr. Omar Hasan from the Association of Ayyad Al-Khairiyya located in Al-jilli area. The women trainees from the Nano Center for Measurement and Calibration and the Union of Sudanese Nursing Professional as well as a number of trained and trainees both men and women were also among the attendance of the event together with Bashmuhandith Murtadha Ahmed Al-Kubba and Dr. Rami Taha the regular presenter of the program of medicine and health in Al-Alamiya TV (the owned IUA channel).




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