The visiting UAE University delegation meets the invitation of the Board of Trustees member Abdul Rahman Al Jarwan

The Director of the University and his accompanying delegation invited Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Jarwan, member of the Board of Trustees of the University, who held a meeting with a number of personalities headed by Ambassador Mohammed Nasser Al Zaabi, Secretary General of the Islamic Solidarity Fund and a number of businessmen, ambassadors and those interested in the field of education. The University of Africa has played a role in the education of Muslim children in Africa and elsewhere. His Excellency the Director of the University praised the great role played by Sheikh Jarwan and Sheikh Mohammed Nasser Al Zaabi in supporting the University of Niger as one of the important contributions in supporting education in Africa. He also praised their role in supporting the African University's global marchThe Director responded to the audience's inquiries, which were an affirmation of their interest in learning about the University Of Africa.

Then Sheikh Jarwan held a dinner in honor of the university director and his delegation

The delegation responds to the invitation of the Cultural Counselor of Al Maktoum and the Consul General in Dubai

The Director of the University and the delegation accompanying him invited the breakfast, which was hosted by Mr. Hamdan Hamed, the Cultural Advisor of Al Maktoum Charity Organization, at his home on Monday


He also received the invitation of the Consul General in Dubai, Ambassador Abdul Azim Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Karouri, at the consulate's breakfast table.




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