The university delegation continues to visit the UAE and visits Juma Al Majid Heritage Center

The delegation of the university headed by Prof. Kamal Obaid, the university's director and the accompanying delegation continued his visit to the UAE. The delegation visited the Juma Al Majid Heritage Center on Tuesday, 20 Ramadan 1439H, where the delegation learned about the efforts of Juma Al Majid Center to collect books and references. The center includes 2 million books with 400 thousand titles, as well as a million rare manuscripts. The center includes a sophisticated digital laboratory for the reproduction and restoration of books and manuscripts. Sheikh Jumaa Al Majid said during his meeting with the delegation that they are working on delivering the book or manuscript to the researcher, "They are concerned with the issue of education, especially women's education, and they have a college of Islamic and Arab studies in Dubai," he said.

Sheikh Jumaa Al Majid also listened to the role of the African International University in teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and other sciences. The two sides agreed to cooperate in the fields of scientific research and training, especially in the areas of interest of the Juma Al Majid Center.



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