Center for Research and African Studies


The Center for Research and African Studies (CRAS) is the development of the Research and Publication Department of the former Islamic African Center; it has continued exercising its activities in the field of research and publications, and provides scientific consultancies in the areas of Islamic Dawaa and Christianity in Africa. The position of the CRAS was upgraded after the establishment of the International University of Africa in 1991.

Currently, CRAS is promoting African studies and scientific research in African affairs related to African affairs through its research and scientific units.

CRAS Objectives:

CRAS aims to achieve certain goals which can be summarized as follows:

1.        Encouraging and promoting scientific research in African affairs and issues.

2.        Providing information on Africa, its past, present and future perspectives.

3.        Publishing books, periodicals and bulletins on African affairs.

4.        Providing opportunities of students, for post-graduate students, in the field of African studies in order to produce a professional cadre and experts on African affairs.

5.        Collecting and cross-checking African manuscripts and translating the works in living languages.

6.        Connecting IUA with similar research centers through a developed data net.

CRAS prepares the students for following degrees:

1. Diploma of higher studies in African studies (general).

2. African languages diploma.

3. MA in African studies (in the following specializations):

Religions, History, Culture, Linguistics, Literature, Economics and Political Science.

4. Ph.D. in African Studies (with one of the aforementioned specializations).

The students are admitted to register for Ph.D. in CRAS’ if they hold:

1. A bachelor Certificate, which should be in the corresponding specialization.

2. A master degree in the same specialization




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