Written on 22/06/2017, 07:13 by shazaly
the-university-honors-vice-president-of-association-of-african-universities On Wednesday, 21 June 2017, the university organized an honoring ceremony for Professor Bakri Osman Al-Saeed, Director of Sudan International University...
Written on 22/06/2017, 05:32 by shazaly
al-nour-center-organizes-its-annual-ramadan-iftar-at-the-university On Tuesday, 25 Ramadan 1438 AH, June 21, 2017 Al-Nour Center organized the annual Ramadan Iftar for the different university departments in cooperation...
Written on 21/06/2017, 06:25 by shazaly
exams-centers-first-round-june-2017 Exams Centers for Female Students Click here Exams Centers for Male Students Click here
Written on 21/06/2017, 06:10 by shazaly
the-university-honors-vice-president-of-the-association-of-african-universities The Rector invites deans of the faculties and all university employees to attend the ceremony of honoring Professor Bakri Osman Al-Saeed, Director...
Written on 20/06/2017, 08:07 by shazaly
the-tadd-association-organizes-a-ramadan-iftar-for-university-students On Sunday, 23 Ramadan 1438 AH, the TADD - )Tüm Afrika'nın Dostları Derneği(Association of the Friends of Africa, organized a Ramadan Iftar for...
Written on 20/06/2017, 07:14 by shazaly
international-islamic-charitable-organization-supports-university-students As part of its annual project “Feed Students” for the year 2017, the International Islamic Charitable Organization has granted the Sudanese Office...
Written on 19/06/2017, 08:16 by shazaly
dean-of-faculty-of-pure-and-applied-sciences-participates-in-the-activities-of-africa-science-week Dr. Ibrahim Fath Al-Rahman, Dean of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, participated in Africa Science Week on June 7-11 at the Grand Hotel...
Written on 18/06/2017, 04:22 by shazaly
it-department-has-completed-the-collection-and-installation-of-185-new-computers In a new step towards the electronic exams program for the complexes that are subject to the holding of examinations in the current semester, the...
Written on 17/06/2017, 09:18 by shazaly
the-rector-attends-the-conclusion-of-the-occupational-health-and-risk-management-course The course of Occupational health and risk management for the 43 students from four faculties concluded Thursday 15 June, at Africa conference Hall,...
Written on 15/06/2017, 14:41 by shazaly
deputy-director-for-scientific-and-cultural-affairs-meets-exam-controller-and-monitors On Thursday 15 June 2017 Dr. Musa Taha Tay Allah, Deputy Director for Scientific and Cultural Affairs, met with the Monitors of July 2017...



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