Nursing is an important part of the national health plan, and contribute effectively to the development of health services and strengthening and upgrading of preventive, curative, rehabilitative and improve their own ways in order to achieve the goal of the Community Health Security. In view of the need to increase the number of nurses at large. , which graduates cadre of qualified nurses , the International University of Africa that have effective contribution to increasing the number of qualified nurses in the Sudan and in the African countries in general; that was the reason behind the establishment of Nursing Sciences, which was followed by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences since 26/8/ 2006M to become a self-standing College since 2010, to graduate with bachelor's degree in nursing college in four years.



The objectives of the college


1/ rehabilitation and nursing care cadres capable of providing hugh care level nursing integrated and good performance, family, and community in Sudan and African countries in general.


2/ the adoption of continuous training and inculcate the spirit of self-education and learning tools and use of research to upgrade the professionalisim


3/ the adoption of the spirit of the group health cooperative as a method and philosophy to provide good nursing services.

4/ work to satisfy the community nursing services and provide high-major technical and keep pace with the surge in the field of medical science and nursing.

5/ work on giving all required care for the elderly in nursing homes, hospitals and the role of the community.

6/ provide nursing care based on the way of solving the problems in the area of nursing obstetrics and gynecology.

7/ to follow proper scientific foundations in the field of statistics information technology and scientific research in the field of nursing.

8/ provide nursing care integrated in mental health.




9/ provide nursing care based on the way of solving the problems in the area of nursing children.


10/ a sound administrative foundations to lead the work in the field of nursing.


Study system:

1/ The period of study at the is college four years.


2/ based on the overall system rate by two semesters for each academic level.

3. The duration of a  semester is 18 weeks - teaching language as applicable in the Faculty of Medicine.






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