The history of the initiation of this faculty dates back to 1986 when it was established under the name of the Faculty of Islamic Call (Da’awa) and Islamic Studies, as a development of the Diploma in Islamic Call (Da’awa) in the Islamic African Centre. The Faculty was affiliated to Umdurman Islamic University. With the initiation of the International University of Africa in 1991, it became the Faculty of Islamic Law (Shari’ah) and Islamic Studies.

The Faculty focuses on the study of Sharia Science System, and the study of the temporary Civil Law Systems and Islamic call (da’wa) . The faculty graduates may work as judges, and Islamic preaching scholars so as to satisfy the needs of the Islamic societies .

Departments of the Fcaulty:

(a)Department of Islamic Law (Sharia) and Law.

(b)Department of Islamic Studies.

Academic Degrees:

The Faculty awards the first degree (B.A) in these fields:

1Islamic Law (Shaira).


3Islamic Studies

4Islamic Call (Da’wa).

The Faculty Awards a Postgraduate Dploma in the Following Fields:

a.Islamic Studies

b.Islamic Law (Sharia)

c.Civil Law

And Master’s Degree by Courses in the Following Fields:

a.Islamic Law (Sharia)

b.Common Law

c.Special Law

d.Islamic Studies (specialisation in Islamic faith and Islamic thought, Interpretation and Prophetic tradition)

Furthermore, it offers academic studies leading to a Ph.D. degree by research in the fields listed above. The Faculty also awards a specialised diploma in Islamic call after one-year of study (post- secondary school).



The tuition fess  is  $400 and there is $8 must be paid as tuition enrolling for every student before academic year start.

The tuition fess can be pied as installment for each semester, which could

be $200 per semester.

-         Filling the enrolling form    students office in faculty of computer studies .


Admission Requirements :

Enrolling Instructions

There is common instruction for enrolling especially for new student, which are :-

-         Medical check

-         Interview by faculty

-         Filling the enrolling form  

-         Checking deanship student affairs for student card and accommodation

-         Payment tuition fess 



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