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The Faculty was established in accordance with the International University of Africa Board of Trustees Recommendations in 1994.  
The Faculty endeavors to achieve the University goals and objectives; Dawaa, educational service and research.
The programme is intended to enable the student to :

1.    Work in abidance with the ethics of medicine and behave well with his/her colleagues, teachers and patients.
2.    Be able to competently diagnose and treat common and endemic diseases with special focus on common nutritional and environmental problems in Africa and to play an active role in health promotion and disease control and prevention.
3.    Be able to use modern methods of diagnosis and treatment and to master the community – oriented and problem-based learning methods and techniques.   
4.    Treat medical emergencies and to refer cases whenever that was required.
5.    Work in all locations according to community needs and to participate in improving quality of services.
6.    Mobilize community participation in health activities.
7.    apply health team working
8.    Lead and manage health programme units / departments quite effectively.
9.    Apply cost-effective analysis in selecting health programmers, diagnostic and treatment regimes.   
10.    Provide for continuous learning and self-development.
11.    Practice effective communication and teaching as an important means of health education and health promotion of citizens.
12.    practice self-learning and self-studying
13.    Continue post- graduate  education, bearing in mind community  needs for  certain  specialties like family medicine  and general  practice.
14.    Conduct health and health-related research cririclly.
Faculty Departments:
1.    Department of  Surgery 
2.    Department of  Medicine
3.    Department of  Pediatrics and Child Health
4.    Department of  Obstetrics and Gynecology
5.    Department of  Anatomy
6.    Department of  Biochemistry
7.    Department of  Physiology
8.    Department of  Pathology
9.    Department of  Community Medicine
10.    Department of  Psychiatry
11.    Department of  Microbiology
12.    Medical Education Development and Research Center


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The tuition fess  for Faculty of Medicine & helth Science is$5000

The tuition fess can be pied as installment for each semester, which could

be $2500 per semester.



  postgraduates studies :


MSC Biochemistry by Courses and Research




Biochemistry (life chemistry):


Chemistry of living beings is the science which studies constituents of cells and their reactions, changes, pathways and functions in the living being. Biochemistry is required by all life sciences such as Nutrition, Physiology, Genetics, Pathology, and Medicine. This explains why Biochemistry is included in the curriculum of Human Medicine, Medical Laboratories, Agricultures, Science and Education.




General objectives:


These are in line with the objectives in the postgraduate studies of the International University of Africa as stated in the regulations of postgraduate studies. This programme aims at:


  1. Development of scientific research for the service of the University and community objectives.
  2. Qualifying academic staff members and specialists in Biochemistry.
  3. Contribution to in-country training.


Specific objectives:


  1. Acquirement of necessary knowledge of the different aspects of Biochemistry.
  2. Familiarity with biochemical methods.
  3. Apply research methodology and means of literature collection (library, computer, etc).
  4. Conduct research planning, and data collection, analysis and presentation.
  5. Training in Biochemistry teaching.
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