Faculty of Engineering was established in 2004, and its mission is to contribute to the development of science and technology and rehabilitation engineering students, in accordance with Islamic values, in the various fields of engineering projects for the benefit of their humanity collectively.

Sections currently available in the College

Degrees granted:

BA honors degree in grants in the following disciplines:

· Computer Engineering.

· Communication Engineering.

· System and Control Engineering.

· Electrical Power Engineering.

  . Mechanical Engineering

  New students guide 

There are general rules for new students to register after being accepted by the Office of Admission and extraction permission preview

The following: -

- Conducting the offices of the college preview

- Medical examination

- Fill out the form for registration

- Returns the form to the Office of Admission

- An interview with the Office of Student Affairs (for the extraction of the card, housing, etc. ......)

- Interview accounts for the payment of fees

As for the students transferred from classroom a  to another, they should fill out the form and deliver to the registered premises of the university college

Tuition fees for students from the Faculty of Engineering are as follows: -

-  $ 2,500

The amount can be paid in installments for two terms, which is a $ 1250 dollars per semester of the school year






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