Arabic course


Study Arabic language

Here are some important facts about the above mentioned course: -

The duration of the arabic course  for beginner is one year divided into three semesters,

the first semester (November - February)

the second semester (March - June)

the third semester (July - October) (4 months for each)

After which the student will be able to master the skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing fluently in Arabic.

Before starting the course, an exam. (Oral & writing) is held for the new students to know their back ground of Arabic language; according to its result the student will be put in the suitable semester.

The course begins daily from (8 AM-1 PM). Some times-when necessary-there will be after-noon classes (2 P M-7 PM).

  Total tuition fees (750 US $) should be paid at registration time.

Accommodation is optional, those who chose it should pay 1000 US $ per year.

Residence is in common rooms: (8 students in one room).

Female students are separated from male students in class-rooms and residence.

A special uniform for female students (long dress and head cover) is compulsory.

Life in Khartoum is rather expensive, not less than 250 dollars a month for a single student.

The degree of temperature during summer season (April-July) is above 40 C during day-light.

Documents are to be sent two months before the determined semester, not earlier, not later than that, otherwise they will be rejected.

You are to determine the semester which you want to begin with, and your choice for accommodation then send us copies of your passport, academic certificate (s) in order to send you the final acceptance of admission.

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