Written on 24/04/2018, 12:20 by Abubakar
dr-hind-maamoon-bahiri,-dean-of-the-faculty-of-nursing-sciences,-received-a-letter-of-thanks-and-appreciation-from-bashmahdashmashafi-ahmad-fadlallah-on-behalf-of-the-people-of-al-manaqil-city Dr. Hind Maamoon Bahiri, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Sciences, received a letter of thanks and appreciation from Bashmahdashmashafi Ahmad Fadlallah...
Written on 24/04/2018, 12:17 by Abubakar
the-fourth-engineer-s-week-begins-at-the-faculty-of-engineering The workshop was organized by the Engineering Society of the Faculty of Engineering under the slogan "Make yourself a footprint in every order. We grow...
Written on 24/04/2018, 12:04 by Abubakar
the-university-receives-a-letter-of-thanks-from-the-vice-president-of-the-republic-of-the-comoros   Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid received a letter of thanks from His Excellency Dr. Mustradan Abdu, Vice-President of the Republic of the Comoros, in...
Written on 24/04/2018, 12:00 by Abubakar
faculty-of-family-sciences-participates-in-the-international-conference-of-human-sciences-in-turkey Dr. Tahani Ibrahim Mohammed Mahgoub, Head of Community Development Department, Faculty of Family Sciences, participated in the first International...
Written on 24/04/2018, 11:52 by Abubakar
launch-of-the-scientific-cultural-week-of-indimi-college-of-oil-and-minerals On Sunday, April 22, 2018, at the Indemi Hall of the Indimi College of Minerals and Oil, the activities of the Scientific Cultural Week of Indimi...
Written on 24/04/2018, 11:43 by Abubakar
employees-syndicate-distributes-ramadan-sugar-to-university-employees The Workers Syndicate of the University started distributing Ramadan sugar on Thursday, April 19, 2018 for the first batch. The second batch will be...
Written on 24/04/2018, 11:35 by Abubakar
a-wonderful-family-day-for-the-family-of-the-scientific-affairs-at-the-university-farm-el-affoon In a good gesture from Dr. Mousa Taha Tay Allah, Deputy Director for Scientific and Cultural Affairs, the members of the scientific affairs department...
Written on 24/04/2018, 11:29 by Abubakar
the-engineering-students-of-bahri-university-visit-the-faculty-of-engineering The students of the Faculty of Engineering at Bahri University visited the Faculty of Engineering at the University last Wednesday where the students...
Written on 24/04/2018, 11:25 by Abubakar
students-of-the-faculty-of-oral-and-dental-medicine-participate-in-the-program-of-national-researchers-in-turkey The College of Oral and Dental Medicine participated in its students Kenobi Mohamed Bassam Majed Israa Ahmed Fatima Siddiq In the program of...
Written on 19/04/2018, 06:52 by Abubakar
university-administration-meets-the-staff-of-the-islamic-center-and-the-deanship-of-student-affairs In the framework of his meetings with the administrative and scientific units at the university, Prof. Kamal Mohammad Obaid, the university's director,...

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University has signed a number of cooperation agreements with a number of educational institutions where the University signed cooperation agreements with the Governance Institute for Education and Development from Uganda, a memorandum of understanding with the Central Counseling Organization from Indonesia, Shadian Teachers Without Borders and with the Shadian Renaissance Youth Association.

All the agreements were signed on behalf of the University by Dr. Samir Mohammed Qureshi Deputy VC for Academic and Cultural Affairs.




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