Written on 18/10/2018, 10:16 by mujaheed
joint-conference-meeting-between-the-iua-faculty-of-education-and-the-general-secretariat-of-islamic-education-of-gambia The Faculty of Education held a joint meeting between the University and the General Secretariat of Islamic Education in the Gambia on Wednesday...
Written on 18/10/2018, 09:46 by mujaheed
the-iua-vice-chancellor-receives-the-state-minister-at-federal-ministry-of-health Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, the the IUA vice chancellor, received on Wednesday 17 October 2018 in his office the team of the Minister of State at the...
Written on 17/10/2018, 09:38 by mujaheed
the-yousef-al-khalifa-center-for-writting-in-arabic-language-estended-the-seminar-of-writing-the-languages-of-western-sudan-in-arabic-alphabets-to-al-fasher-university Continuing the seminar, it was held last week at Al-Fashir University by Prof. Abdul-Dameem Anbar, Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Abdullah and Dr. Saber Abdulla...
Written on 17/10/2018, 09:24 by mujaheed
the-university-participates-in-the-celebration-of-world-food-day-at-the-police-house The IUA participated in its farm products on Tuesday 16 October and the Ministry of Agriculture's celebration of World Food Day. The program was...
Written on 17/10/2018, 09:12 by mujaheed
the-knowledge-base-center-reviews-the-iau`s-experience-in-productivity-and-its-league-forum The Forum of Knowledge Structures for Studies and Research hosted its national meeting, entitled "Sudan and the opportunities for self-sufficiency of...
Written on 14/10/2018, 12:26 by mujaheed
the-closing-ceremony-of-training-course-for-the-members-of-the-artillery-corps-at-the-iua`s-farm The training session in the field of agricultural work organized for the members of the Artillery Corps in Atbara (25) students was graduated on...
Written on 11/10/2018, 09:02 by mujaheed
lecture-on-development-of-the-strategic-skills-for-the-iua-lecturers Dr. Ali Abdullah Al-Otaibi, Executive Director of Arak Development Group presented a lecture to the IUA faculty members on Wednesday, October 10, 2018...
Written on 10/10/2018, 12:01 by mujaheed
the-vice-chancellor-yinchuan-university-of-china-visits-the-iua In the morning of Tuesday, 9/10/2018, Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the IUA vice chancellor, met with Prof. Mahjoub Mohammed Al Hussein, the vice...
Written on 09/10/2018, 08:17 by mujaheed
the-international-secondary-school-examination-marking-was-started The work of marking of the exams of international secondary certificate which took place September 2018, the marking was started on Monday 8/10/2018 at...

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University has signed a number of cooperation agreements with a number of educational institutions where the University signed cooperation agreements with the Governance Institute for Education and Development from Uganda, a memorandum of understanding with the Central Counseling Organization from Indonesia, Shadian Teachers Without Borders and with the Shadian Renaissance Youth Association.

All the agreements were signed on behalf of the University by Dr. Samir Mohammed Qureshi Deputy VC for Academic and Cultural Affairs.




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