Written on 14/07/2018, 13:22 by mujaheed
mauritanian-iua-graduates-wins-the-world-bank-competition-for-sustainable-development-projects The proposal of the Al-Qatar-sponsored Al Darb Group for Education, won the World Series of Ideas for Action 2018 in support of sustainable...
Written on 14/07/2018, 13:03 by mujaheed
the-iua-signs-a-bilateral-agreement-with-other-international-universities On Wednesday, July 11, 2018, on the group of the Asian and Pacific (Indian) Universities Union Conference held in Surabaya, Indonesia, with the...
Written on 12/07/2018, 07:53 by mujaheed
the-university-receives-a-delegation-from-al-jazeera-institute-for-media-training On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, the IUA entourage received a high level delegation from the Al-Jazeera Institute for Media Training in Qatar. The visit was...
Written on 11/07/2018, 08:56 by mujaheed
the-iua-vice-chancellor-meets-the-vice-chancellor-of-the-university-of-burundi  The VC of the IUA Prof. Kamal Obeid met on Monday 9/7/2018 with his counterpart the VC of the University of Burundi, Prof. Francis Happier Manna,...
Written on 11/07/2018, 08:05 by mujaheed
the-department-of-cultural-activity-at-the-islamic-center-plans-to-implement-a-series-of-summer-excursion-programs The Department of Cultural Activity in the Islamic Center of Africa arranged to conduct a series of cultural, social and educational programs for the...
Written on 10/07/2018, 08:02 by mujaheed
the-vc-meets-with-iua-graduates-old-boys-students-in-the-republic-of-burundi Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, the university's Vice Chancellor, met on Monday 9th of July 2018, the numerous graduates of university in the republic of...
Written on 10/07/2018, 07:04 by mujaheed
islamic-center-of-africa-meets-with-the-supervisors-and-the-observers-of-summer-da`awa-excursion The Islamic Center  of Africa held a general meeting on Sunday July 8, 2018 with the supervisors and observers of the year 2018 summer Da`awa...
Written on 09/07/2018, 13:54 by mujaheed
the-iua-receives-a-delegation-from-the-council-of-russian-federation On Sunday, July 8, 2018, the University received a delegation from the Council of Russian Federation headed by Senator Ahmed Bankof, a businessman and...
Written on 09/07/2018, 13:44 by mujaheed
the-iua-determines-the-admission-rates-and-tuition-fees-for-the-year-2018-2019-academic-session The head of the department Dr. Omar Taha Al-Haj revealed in a statement to the university's website team, that the registration is open for all students...
Written on 09/07/2018, 06:49 by mujaheed
the-iua-vice-chancellor-arrived-bujumbura-the-capital-of-the-republic-of-burundi-and-meets-with-the-burundian-vice-president The vice chancellor of international University of Africa, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid, arrived Bujumbura on Friday to participate in the first Islamic...

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University has signed a number of cooperation agreements with a number of educational institutions where the University signed cooperation agreements with the Governance Institute for Education and Development from Uganda, a memorandum of understanding with the Central Counseling Organization from Indonesia, Shadian Teachers Without Borders and with the Shadian Renaissance Youth Association.

All the agreements were signed on behalf of the University by Dr. Samir Mohammed Qureshi Deputy VC for Academic and Cultural Affairs.




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