Written on 18/09/2017, 10:12 by baba
due-to-an-initiative-that-found-praise-and-acceptance-in-the-public-street-students-of-the-medical-association-organize-a-cleaning-campaign-for-the-streets-along-the-university   On Wednesday morning 13 September 2017, students of the Medical Association played a role due to initiative of the generous of its members for the...
Written on 18/09/2017, 07:27 by baba
the-university-honors-the-ethiopian-ambassador   On Tuesday, 12 September 2017,  the sidelines of the mini-celebration was organized by Professor Hassan Makki Muhammad Ahmad, former...
Written on 16/09/2017, 15:44 by baba
the-university-receives-a-letter-of-appreciation-from-the-ministry-of-education,-culture-and-higher-education-of-somalia Prof. Kamal Muhamad Ubaid, Vice-Chancelor of the University received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Ministry of Education, Culture and...
Written on 16/09/2017, 15:17 by baba
faculty-of-nursing-sciences-receives-a-letter-of-praise-and-appreciation-from-the-health-committee-of-the-national-council Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, Vice-Chancelor received a letter of Praise and Appreciation from Dr. Imtisal Al-Reyh Taha, Chairman on Health, Environment,...
Written on 16/09/2017, 07:47 by baba
the-board-of-directors-holds-the-strategic-plan-of-the-university On Tuesday, 12 September 2017, the meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Najashi Hall under the chairmanship of Prof. Kamal Mohammed Obaid, the...
Written on 10/09/2017, 15:44 by shazaly
eid-al-adha-a-major-religious-demonstration-at-the-international-university-of-africa A large religious demonstration at the university during Eid al-Adha, the crowd of worshipers performed Eid prayer, where the Eid khutbah led by Dr....
Written on 10/09/2017, 15:40 by shazaly
vice-president-of-the-turkish-justice-party-and-director-of-tika-foundation-shares-the-joy-with-the-university-students The University received on the first day of Eid al-Adha, the Director General of the Turkish Foundation TIKA, and Vice-President of Justice and...
Written on 10/09/2017, 12:11 by shazaly
the-university-organizes-a-meeting-to-exchange-eid-al-adha-greetings On Sunday 10 September 2017, the University organized the celebration meeting for Eid Al-Adha, where Professor Kamal Mohamed Obaid, vice chancellor...
Written on 10/09/2017, 05:32 by shazaly
Written on 31/08/2017, 12:09 by baba
wishing-you-every-year’s-benevolence-and-eid-blessingsThe Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obaid, his deputies and assistants, forward a warm congratulations to the employees of the University on the...

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University sign memorandums of understanding with a number of Academic and Daawa agencies.

The University has signed a number of cooperation agreements with a number of educational institutions where the University signed cooperation agreements with the Governance Institute for Education and Development from Uganda, a memorandum of understanding with the Central Counseling Organization from Indonesia, Shadian Teachers Without Borders and with the Shadian Renaissance Youth Association.

All the agreements were signed on behalf of the University by Dr. Samir Mohammed Qureshi Deputy VC for Academic and Cultural Affairs.




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