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iua-signs-mou-with-academic-institutionsThe University under the leadership of Dr Musa Taha Tay Allah, signed a MoU with Minessotta Islamic University.    (Story to be completed)
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faculty-of-mass-communication-organizes-conference The Faculty of Mass Communication organizes a Conference pertaining the Future of University Radios    
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the-first-alumni-meeting-closes The first University Alumni meeting closed on Saturday, 13th January, 2018, in the African Conference Hall with the participation of a number of...
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iua-vc-launches-faculty-of-education-s-exhibition The University VC, Professor Kamal Mohammed Obied on Saturday, launched the Exhibition of Faculty of Education in the presence of the Dean of the...
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deputy-vice-chancellor-at-departure-of-bot-members In a small party in the Prof Mahgoub Mohammed AlHusein Hall in the University Administration, Dr Musa Taha TayAllah was present at the departure of...
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bot-holds-meeting-on-friday On Friday, 13 January 2018, the Board of Trustees held its main and most important meeting in the Tayeb Zainal Abideen hall in the Adminstration...
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sudanese-president-launches-bot-meeting-with-speech   The Sudanese President launched IUA BoT meeting with a Speech aimed on Thursday, 11th January, 2018. He discussed a wide range of...
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bot-meeting-starts-with-launching-of On Thursday, 11 January, 2018, the BoT meeting starting with a launching of a number of projects. The event which is headed by the...
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nigeria-s-indimi-described-as-model-african-muslim-philanthropist Former Foreign Minister of Sudan and the Current Chairman, Board of Trustees of the International University of Africa described the Nigerian business...
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board-of-trustee-members-arrive-khartoum   Members of Board of Trustees arrive Khartoum. The members come from various countries, ranging from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and...

The Association of Sudanese Universities (USU) congratulates the University for the Month Ramadan


The Association of Sudanese Universities (USU) congratulates the University for the Month Ramadan

The Secretary General of the Union of Sudanese Universities congratulates the University for the holy month of Ramadan asking The Almighty Allah to make it a month of goodness, forgiveness, charity, kindness, blessing, Emancipation of the hell fire and bless us and you for long and make us and you healthy and well. We hope the Almighty Allah to bless us and accept us with good acceptance and make all our deeds purely for His sake.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Ahmed
Secretary General of the Association of Sudanese Universities (ASU)




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