Administrative structure

The university has the following administrative
bodies :

(1) The Board of Trustees:
It consists of :

a.       Thirty members representing countries, organizations and associations from the Muslim World.

b.      Ten members known for their efficiency and interest in Muslim Affairs, chosen by the Board of Trustees.

c.       The University Vice-Chancellor.

(2) The Board of Directors:

it consists of :

1. The University Vice – Chancellor and his two Deputies.
2. Five members chosen by the Board of Trustees.
3. Five Faculty Deans chosen periodically.

(3) The Academic Council ( The Senate )

It consists of :

- The University Vice-Chancellor           -      president

- The following members:

* The two Deputy Vice-Chancellors
* The Academic Staff members with the professor

and associated professor status.                                                Members

* The Faculty deans.                                                                  
* The Librarian.
* The Directors of the university centers and institutions.

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