Written on 21/05/2017, 05:29 by shazaly
launching-the-interactive-distance-learning-system-through-video-conferencing Within the framework of the University's approach to e-learning, a joint initiative between Information Technology Department and the faculty of Oral...
Written on 20/05/2017, 12:13 by shazaly
the-ip-policy-seminar-continues-at-the-african-conference-hall The papers dealt with the role of intellectual property in universities and its importance, and the Laws that governing its policies and the role of...
Written on 20/05/2017, 11:38 by shazaly
faculty-of-nursing-sciences-celebrates-international-nurses-day The Faculty of Nursing Sciences started on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The celebration of International Nurses Day, which continues for two days and...
Written on 20/05/2017, 11:22 by shazaly
it-department-launches-the-handing-out-of-tablet-devices-to-teacher-staff IT Department launches the Handing out of Tablet Devices to teacher staff at their faculties.  The distribution started with the faculty of...
Written on 17/05/2017, 13:13 by shazaly
launch-of-the-ip-policy-seminar-for-universities-and-research-centers On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, the seminar opened at  African Conference Hall, the seminar was attended by Professor Kamal Mohammed Obaid, (University...



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